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Without a direct connection to the junior and young contemporary manufacturers, you are often forced to buy your merchandise from trade shows and “jobbers” at exorbitantly inflated costs.  Why buy from them when we can help you get the same merchandise directly from the manufacturer, at a fraction of the cost?  In addition to the savings, we have the eye and experience to make sure the product meets you and your customer’s expectations. With us as your inside connection to the Los Angeles Fashion District these are just a few of the things that you can expect:

What We Do

So You Don't Have To

  • Exclusive Savings on Wholesale Merchandise

  • The Latest Styles from +500 Vendors

  • Accessories, Handbags & Shoes

  • Fresh Immediate Merchandise

  • Future Styles before your competetion

  • Private Labeling (Click for more)

  • Label, Hang tag and Bag Design and Manufacturing

  • Save Travel Time and Money

  • Shipping Outside of the U.S. and Customs

  • Private Tri-Weekly Galleries


Service Subtitle

Knowing that poor merchandising is often to blame for poor sales, we approach buying much like an interior designer or storyteller.  After extensive preparation to understand you and your customer, we concentrate our buying on merchandise that is tailor fit for your store and adheres to an aesthetic and mood that captures your customer’s fancy. Whether from every day casual manufacturers to high end designers, we will help you bring the latest trends and fashion to your retail floor.

Exclusive Buying Service

Are We Open to Buy in your Territory?

We're an exclusive buying company with a small roster of clients.  We only take on new clients if the territory is open to buy. We don't believe in requiring clients to sign contracts. We're in the relationship business. If we don't prove our worth we don't expect your business.

Discover The LA Wholesale Market

No Strings Attached

Not sure if you need a buyer, but want to discover the LA Wholesale Market? Now you can hire our services for a one time day rate and we will be your personal guide for the day, ensuring you have full access to our expertise and to every vendor LA has to offer.

1316 Stanford Ave, Unit A.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 90021

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