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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, LA Fashion Insider, Inc.'s team of buyers  have the talent, experience and manufacturer relationships to ensure that you will maximize profits and hold an edge over the competition that will keep your customers always coming back for more.

“We have been successfully doing business with LA Fashion Insider for over 10 years now, and of all the many people we've met in the business, we can honestly say that Sonia is one of the most memorable, and likable. She and her team are always  professional, straightforward, and personable.  LA Fashion Insider has earned our trust not only because they always put the best interest of our business first, but because their judgment calls are consistently on target!”

Pat Kennedy
Willy Jays
Charleston, SC

“Sonia and Cyndie have an amazing eye for fashion and trends, everything that they have picked out for my business sells immediately. I am constantly hearing my customers rave about the unique styles and fashion forward pieces in my store. Because of their knowledge of fashion and what merchandise sells, my store has had instant success.  I would recommend her services 100%...”

Amy Word

Shoe Fly 

Huntsville, AL


  • Exclusive Savings on Wholesale Merchandise

  • The Latest Styles from +500 Vendors

  • Accessories and Handbags

  • Future Styles before your competition

  • Private Labeling

  • Protection for Returned and Damaged Goods

  • Save Travel Time and Money

  • Goods Shipped Within 24 Hours

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Sonia Youmans


Sonia Youmans
Born and raised in Chicago, Sonia eventually ditched the snow boots and set off for sunny California to pursue a life in the fashion industry. Eager to learn the business from the ground up, Sonia immersed herself in all aspects of the trade, including design, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. With a comprehensive base of knowledge and experience, Sonia settled into the clothing wholesale business where she thrived as the conduit between the designer, wholesaler and customer. But it was her relationship with the customer that really solidified her place in the industry. With an uncanny eye for wearable fashion and an intuitive ability to fulfill her customer’s needs, Sonia has built one of the most sought after buying services in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

Kenwood Youmans


After a ten year career as a Hollywood screenwriter, Kenwood gravitated toward the stories his wife was telling in the fashion industry and jumped at the opportunity to join her to form LA Fashion Insider, Inc.  Although Kenwood didn't anticipate such an extensive education in women's clothing, he thrives on building the relationships that remain the backbone of the company.

Cyndie Rizzotti

Senior Fashion Buyer

Born and raised in sunny California, Cyndie has had the luxury to cultivate the perfect bohemian inspired wardrobe sans coat.  As a teenager, Cyndie unwittingly began her training as a professional buyer in the countless vintage clothing stores and thrift shops of Los Angeles where she tirelessly hunted down the perfect outfits for her and her siblings. As a young adult, Cyndie became a rep with the exclusive skin care line, Natura Bisse, at the prestigious Niemen Marcus of Beverly Hills.  From millionaire heiresses to vacationing midwestern housewives, Cyndie honed her ability to cater to the specific needs of a vast and diverse clientele for eight years before taking her many talents to LA Fashion Insider.  With a lifetime of experience to inform her, not to mention two trend conscious daughters, Cyndie quickly became a force in the fashion district.

Vanessa Castro

Fashion Buyer

A lifelong Angeleno, Vanessa grew up with a keen eye for fashion and design.  After studying fashion design, Vanessa began her professional career as a specialized colorist where her talent blossomed and led to work on film sets, photoshoots and fashion shows. As her network grew, Vanessa became a sought after stylist for artists and models for various publications.  Her experiences led her to CAB Collection where she immersed herself in the design and production side of the business.  With a diverse fashion background, Vanessa Joined LAFI as a full time buyer where she has thrived as a conduit between the showrooms and our incredible clients. 



1316 Stanford Ave, Unit A.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 90021


1316 Stanford Ave, Unit A.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles County 90021

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